Application case -- drum AGV assisted automated production

TIME:2020-04-27Author:Quick Robot

AGV moving van

AGV trucks were first used in the warehousing industry. To realize the automatic handling of incoming and outgoing goods. Nowadays, China is developing rapidly in intelligent automation, and agvs have played an important role in various fields.

The picture shows the case of Kuaijie two-way roller AGV in panasonic workshop. The car is a two-way drive back-mounted AGV with a self-discharging drum at the top, which is connected with the cylinder assembly line and the working table to complete the task of material access.


Technical characteristics

Two-way drum AGV includes: control terminal, rotating mechanism, translation mechanism, bearing platform. When adjusting the positioning accuracy, it is not necessary to adjust the AGV body. It has the advantages of simple docking mode, high positioning accuracy and easy realization.


Based on the magnetic navigation technology, combined with the ground RFID functional landmarks to assist the positioning, to achieve the automatic distribution of revolving materials/revolving materials vehicle

Intelligent control system to achieve multi-vehicle scheduling, and ERP, MES, WMS system docking

Driving speed: 0-60m/min; Load: 1000kg, can be customized according to actual demand

Multiple safety sensors protect AGV operation

Drive mode: steering wheel drive, navigation mode: magnetic navigation

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