Application case -- application of AGV robot in coating workshop

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Automobile coating plays a crucial role in the product and is also an important factor affecting the product value. With the development of industrial technology, coating has been developed from manual to industrial automation. Now the complete coating line is more and more widely used and has been deeply applied in many fields of industrial manufacturing.

The application of AGV robot in automobile coating workshop is gradually mature. The coating workshop needs to accommodate different models, and the different models are concentrated in one coating workshop for coating. Information such as the model number, serial number and color of the car should be transmitted to the AGV robot in advance. After the robot system (AGVS) information interaction, the robot can finish the corresponding coating work. The use of AGV robot to replace the manual finishing of coating work, to a large extent to ensure the effectiveness of production, the robot to complete the coating spraying, avoid excessive contact with toxic gas, greatly improve the work efficiency, to ensure the safety of life.


What are the characteristics of an AGV robot working in the paint shop?

1. Accuracy

The robot is programmed according to the offset data measured by the camera positioning system to achieve accurate spraying. Moreover, according to the offset of the position brought by its monitoring, the initial value is set. If it exceeds the camera system, it will give an alarm to prevent the collision of the robot and avoid collision accidents. When spraying, whether powder or paint, you need to maintain uniform speed and force.

2. Safety

AGV robots in the coating workshop should have high safety, explosion-proof and fireproof characteristics. As the spraying material (paint, powder) is a chemical substance, the volatile gas is inflammable, so the coating robot used in the coating workshop must be "explosion-proof robot". The use of robot spraying is more efficient, increase the adhesion rate between the surface and the spraying material, reduce the use of resources, greatly reduce the probability of pollution, more conducive to environmental protection.

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