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Kuaijie intelligent, three-dimensional warehouse is widely used in logistics and warehousing. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize the warehouse high-level rationalization, access automation, simple operation; Automated three - dimensional warehouse is a high - level form of current technology. The main body of quick and automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelf, roadway type stacking crane, in (out) warehouse working table and automatic in (out) and operation control system. The shelf is a structure or structure of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure, the shelf is the standard size of the space, the roadway stacking crane through the rack between the roadway, the completion of storage, take the work. Management using computer and bar code technology.

Intelligent warehouse logistics is mainly composed of storage system, transportation system, sorting system, management and scheduling system and data analysis system.

Among them, the stacker based material storage system and a high shelf, AGV/RGV/conveyor/elevator/EMS and so on material in the middle of the conveyor system, all kinds of conveyor line, sorting and conveying system of specific equipment sorting system, ultimately through logistics control platform and intelligent management system, using big data, cloud computing, edge calculation, BI tools analysis on the data intelligent analysis technology companies such as storing large amounts of data and information, business process improvement, data unification, equipment to run the whole process of monitoring management.