Application case -- Application of AGV of laser forklift in tire industry

TIME:2019-12-07Author:Quick Robot

With the development of intelligent manufacturing, the new battlefield of intelligent transformation in various industries is becoming increasingly fierce. At present, taking the tire industry as an example, each production link of the factory has an urgent need for automation transformation. The flexible production mode can solve severe problems such as difficult labor, high maintenance cost of tooling and equipment, and difficult material management. In this intelligent production process, the AGV of laser forklift plays a key role between stations and conveyor lines.

In fact, some terminal enterprises are studying the feasibility of logistics automation transformation and have preliminary intention of transformation. So, is there a real project of intelligent logistics in the tire industry?

The answer must be yes. Now, all walks of life vigorously promote the process of intelligent transformation of the factory, and the tire industry certainly cannot lag behind. Every tire enterprise has a demand for intelligent logistics. In the process of rubber refining, extrusion, calendering, extrusion, molding, vulcanization, etc., laser forklift AGV can be used to realize the intelligent flow of production materials. The materials needed for production can be transferred among various processes to support the efficient operation of large-scale and customized flexible production.

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